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East Coast Laser Tattoo Removal
2720 Enterprise Parkway, Richmond, VA 23294
(804) 447-2300

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Text "MOM" to 80412 for you chance to win a FREE tattoo removal, along with other prizes for mom from our partners.

Text INK to 80412 

Formaly known as "Rethinking the Ink", East Coast Laser Tattoo Removal is your safe, affordable option to removing or fading your ink.  

From completely removing a tattoo, to just lightening it up for a new piece, East Coast Laser Tattoo Removal is your answer for cost-effective and safe tattoo removal in Richmond!

Call or email us today for a ZERO cost consultation! 855-539-8696

Removing a Part of the Past

As we get older, our lives change. Tattoos reflect who we were and what was important to us when we got the tattoo.  But people grow and evolve over time.  We become parents, discover new opportunities, enter the workforce, etc.  Unfortunately tattoos never change and for many, there comes a time when we outgrow or begin to regret our tattoos.  This is one of the reasons East Coast Laser Tattoo Removal came into being.  Utilizing the latest in laser technology to effectively and affordably remove your tattoos is our mission.

About 30 – 50% of individuals will regret their tattoo for various reasons. For those people, having the tattoo can be embarrassing and also a barrier in their lifestyle or career advancement goals.  Covering tattoos with clothing or makeup can be tedious and inconvenient; it is a messy and temporary solution.

There are many reasons for people wanting to have a tattoo removed.  Another segment is the military, police department, and nursing professions.  They all have regulations about visible tattoos, nothing above the collar line or on the hands.  Many people wanting to enter these professions need to take the regulations into consideration.

At East Coast Laser Tattoo Removal we receive frequent referrals from tattoo artists who want to help their clients to adequately lighten their primary tattoo so that they will ultimately have more cover-design and color options.  We work closely with our clients’ tattoo artists to help our patients achieve the optimal lightening required for their new cover-up goals.

At East Coast Laser Tattoo Removal we collaborate with many tattoo centers and artists to help their/our clients arrive at the results they are looking for.




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