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Featured Deal: $20 for $45 Worth of Tutoring in Any Subject from Chesterfield Learning Center

Whether you need to help your student catch up or you want them to be ahead of the rest, Chesterfield Learning Center provides educational resources in virtually any subject. Purchase this deal and take advantage of this great introductory offer from Richmond's Premier tutoring resource... you get $45 worth of tutoring for only $20!

Comments for Chesterfield Learning Center

"I highly recommend Chesterfield Learning Center for tutoring services in any subject including SAT/ACT preparation. My son has gained a lot more confidence with his studies in all aspects after only a few weeks with them and has enabled him to carry out his senior year successfully. Brooks Landes, Woodlake "
"My daughter was at risk of failing 3 subjects her first 9 weeks of third grade. In just 3 weeks of tutoring, Chesterfield Learning Center was able to help my daughter achieve remarkable results. She not only passed, but earned honor roll status. Our tutor at Chesterfield Learning Center is extremely knowledgeable and my daughter loves going to tutoring every week. They are also Community Members with Clover Hill Elementary and as PTA member, I receive a 10% discount at every session. I feel very fortunate to have found Chesterfield Learning Center and highly recommend them to anyone in need of tutoring services. Joelle Hawkins Clover Hill Elementary PTA, President "
"As parents, we hate to see our children struggle with school. After watching our first grader develop difficulties with writing, we approached Chesterfield Learning Center with the hope that they would tutor a child this young. Our son has truly blossomed since beginning to see Dr. Martin a few weeks ago. We go once a week and it’s made such a profound difference in his confidence and enthusiasm with writing. He even came home from school the other day and remarked, “Daddy, I really think Dr. Martin is helping me with my writing.” They give him their full attention for a solid hour and listen to his stories in an effort to make what was becoming a “hated” activity into a fun creative experience that will have lasting affects in his life ahead. Thank you so much for your help – Dr. and Mrs. Martin! Amy P. Wilkinson Chesterfield County "

About Chesterfield Learning Center

We are a family-owned business conveniently located in the Woodlake area, serving families in Hampton Park, the Foxes, Magnolia Green, Birkdale, Brandermill, and Collington, as well as other Midlothian areas.  We create and modify our center hours to meet the needs of our students.   We customize our tutoring plans, from as little as a half-hour session to twenty-four hours for standardized test preparation.


We welcome students of all ages and ability levels and provide tutoring for reading, math, science, social studies, foreign languages, and other subjects.  We also specialize in tutoring for SAT, ACT, PSAT, GRE, TEAS, and other standardized tests.


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6920 Woodlake Commons Loop Midlothian VA, 23112