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Featured Deal: 50% Off Custom Frame Job from Frame Nation

Let the artisan frame makers from Frame Nation help protect your photos and art, as well as emphasize your sense of style... including your vintage 1980's metalic parachute pants. Take advantage of today's deal and get a $40 voucher for an $80 custom frame job at Frame Nation! 

Comments for Frame Nation

"A Google User reviewed Overall Excellent "This is bar none the best framing shop in Richmond. Mary has great ideas and a keen eye for detail. You will get what you pay for.""
""Frame Nation is a very creative framing boutique. There's all your traditional framing options along with crazy stuff owner Mary Fender brings in to make her shop stand out. Lots of exclusive-to-Richmond stuff too. Mary enters lots of national framing contests and has framed pics with rhinestones and other crazy, inventive stuff. She'll do stuff like this for whatever you've got if you ask her. She also has frames made from reclaimed wood from Richmond buildings. The other cool thing about this place is it's not just frames. Mary hosts regular art shows in her shop and also sells other neat art items like pieces called Recycle Style that combine old Richmond images with old framing and other items to create original works. This is definitely the place to go for cool frames and art.""
"A Google User reviewed Overall Excellent "If you need to get something framed, Frame Nation is THE place to do it. Not only are the people friendly and the service excellent, but you have a variety of framing options to choose from and Mary will work with you figure out exactly what you want and what looks best for your item. The options are also all very affordable." "

About Frame Nation

Founded in 2007 by Mary Fender, Master Certified Picture framer (MCPF) and Richmond’s only Guild Commended Framer (GCF) Frame Nation offers unparalleled custom picture framing service to its clientele and award winning frame design using frame styles from around the world and close to home.
Frame Nation is Richmond VA’s Custom Framing Boutique and is located in Richmond's historic river district and up and coming Shockoe Design District, at 11 South 15th Street, Richmond, VA 23219. It offers innovative custom framing services, local artwork, pre-framed art, and dedicated parking. The store is open Monday through Friday 10-6, Saturday 10-4, and is closed Sundays.
Member of the Professional Picture Framers Association and the Retail Merchants Association.

Award winning design service, Shadowboxes and Object framing, Recycle Style framing, Museum quality framing, Needlework framing, Canvas Stretching and framing

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11 South 15th Street, Richmond, VA 23219-4207