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Featured Deal: $50 for Headlight Restoration (A $200 Value) from Headlight King

Don't let you car have cataracts! Why pay hundreds of dollars for new lights when you can get your lights like new for cheap? Take advantage of this fantastic deal from Headlight King. You get $200 worth of headlight restoration for only $50! This deal comes with a one year warranty and a guarantee to pass inspection.

About Headlight King

Headlight King uses a unique technique to restore your headlights which involves no buffing.

This procedure involves:

Step 1 - Specially made chemicals are applied to the old headlight to extract the yellow color

Step 2- Removes 3 layers of damaged plastic

Step 3-  Apply SPACE-AGE  plastic polymer to headlight replacing damaged layers that were removed in Step 2.

After steps are complete polymer layers take 10 minutes to harden and leave headlights looking like new!

The best part about this process it is done in approximately 12 minutes and comes with a one year warranty!

Restoration done by appointment only.  804-400-8182

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