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Voucher expires 08-27-2011, Regular install rate $2.00 per square foot-- with coupon $1.40 per sq ft, No cash or credit back on unused amount, 1000 sg ft minimum, Not valid with other offers

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Featured Deal: Pay $150 for $600 towards the installation of Power-Save Radiant Barrier from Off-Grid Green Living Center, Inc.

Take a shine to energy savings!

Pay $150 for a $600 coupon towards the installation of Power-Save Radiant Barrier from Off-Grid Green Living Center.

As summer heats up, so does your home, starting in the attic. A radiant barrier is a smart way to reduce attic temperatures and cut cooling costs. 

A radiant barrier is a layer of aluminum placed in an airspace to block radiant heat transfer between a heat-radiating surface (such as a hot roof) and a heat-absorbing surface (such as conventional attic insulation). Think of  an automobile windshield sun visor used to keep your car cool when sitting in a parking lot. Radiant barrier does the same thing for your attic.

When the roof of your house gets the full force of the summer sun, temperatures inside the attic can climb to 135 degrees and higher. The attic becomes a huge radiator pushing heat down into your living space, forcing your air conditioning system to work overtime. You can lower attic temperatures significantly and cut cooling costs by up to 17% by installing a sheet-type radiant barrier. A radiant barrier offers other benefits as well. By lowering attic temperatures, any items stored in the attic are less likely to be damaged. A radiant barrier helps the house to retain heat during winter months, but energy savings will be less than during the cooling season.
In the warm spring and fall, radiant barriers may save even more energy and cooling dollars by increasing your personal comfort. During these milder seasons, outdoor air temperatures are comfortable much of the time. Yet solar energy still heats up your roof, insulation, attic air, and ceiling to temperatures that can make you uncomfortably warm. An attic radiant barrier stops almost all of this downward heat transfer so that you can stay comfortable without air conditioning during mild weather.

You may also find that radiant barriers can expand the use of space in your home. For instance, uninsulated, unconditioned spaces such as garages, porches, and workrooms can be more comfortable with radiant barriers. Because radiant barriers keep attics cooler, the space is more usable for storage.

Finally, a radiant barrier is a smart investment if there's ductwork or HVAC equipment in the attic, since it keeps this equipment cooler during the summer and warmer during the winter.

With this special pre-summer opportunity from Off-Grid Green Living Center - $600 towards Power-Save Radiant Barrier installation for only $150! 

About Off-Grid Green Living Center, Inc.

Off-Grid Green Living Center’s  Retail store sells, renewable energy , energy efficient, sustainable building products and eco-friendly products that benefit and enhance the lives of our clients. Our product lines are unique and not available at the local home improvement or retail store. 

The staff conducts extensive research, acquiring the latest technology, producing the least impact on the earth, all the while, saving our clients the most money. The Wholesale store  sells renewable energy products & sustainable building products to the construction industry.

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