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Ends 02/19 3:00pm
Win 2 Tickets and Dinner from Virginia Rep!!

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Saturday, Sunday, Monday is now playing through March 6. During the traditional Sunday dinner, passions flare amidst a gathering of family and friends. Add two cups of generational conflict, a dash of lovers' quarrel, and a heaping tablespoon of humor, and enjoy a meal you won’t forget. This fresh translation of an Italian classic will appeal to all the senses as the traditional ragù simmers on stage. 

Dinner gift certificates are Deco, Grafiatos and Anthony's on the Hill. Three winners will be drawn and will win a pair of vouchers to the show to select the performance of their choice and dinner gift certificate will be provided. 

Check back on NBC12 Facebook and your email to see if you are a winner. One winner announced Saturday 2/19; Sunday 2/20 and Monday 2/21.


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